Musketts Way Bridge - Notes Of Hope - Suicide Prevention Project

Musketts Way Bridge - Notes Of Hope - Suicide Prevention Project

Musketts Way Bridge - Notes Of Hope - Suicide Prevention Project

Notorious suicide spots filled with hope


I have been overwhelmed with support for my happy post project. People's words, emails and messages have meant so much to me and i have always thought that it wouldn't stop here. I want to be involved in more things that create awareness around mental health. 

Notorious suicide spots have had notes of hope attached to them all over for sometime. I've always seen these articles and posts and thought about what an amazing idea it is. 

There was one back in 2013 in south Korea that was very advanced! It involved light up signs and sensors that detected peoples movements and if certain movements were detected messages of hope lit up on the actual bridge! That's pretty amazing! Unfortunately I am not a technology genius but I have always seen similar things and thought they were amazingly inspirational!

It was bought to my attention more recently when a group of girls including Megan Embleton and Lucy Mathison started a notes on the bridge project, attaching notes of inspiration to various bridges where people have frequently taken their lives and it got me thinking about it again and what I could do. 

Seen as I send "Happy Post" to to those struggling with mental health issues which are usually inspirational quote cards it seemed that organising something like this would fit in well with what I am already doing. 

I knew that Musketts was bridge was a notorious spot. It's an incredibly high bridge of it's sort and is a bridge that has taken many peoples lives. There have been numerous campaigns to have to caged and closed including from a former Mayor of Redditch but nothing has ever come to fruition and so for me it seemed like if any bridge needed some notes of hope, it was this one and so I started #muskettswaybridgehope with the aim to get as many people together as possible with a passion for mental health similar to mine to attach notes of hope to along the bridge. 

I put out a tweet and very quickly the Redditch Advertiser contacted me and put it online and then soon after n the front page of the Redditch Advertiser. I had so many lovely emails of support and so I set the facebook group from which it will be organised here. Musketts Way Bridge Notes Of Hope Group Project.

The group is so far filled with over 200 amazing people with a shared interest and understanding of mental health issues and I hope as many of us will come together as possible to attach notes to the bridge on the day that is currently being organised including quotes, positive affirmations, personal notes and crisis numbers. 

I know that this project won't save everyone that goes to that bridge with that intention of ending their life. i have been in that moment, in that headspace and have made that decision to know that sometimes there is just nothing that anyone could do at that point in time but the aim is that it might just change one persons mind. Or it may be that someone is reading those notes in the moment that someone walks past and can intervine. 

As well as the bridge itself I was hoping that maybe this project would raise awareness in general which is why I was hoping to do it a little bigger, with more people and get involvement from the media because my hope was that maybe, just maybe there may be someone out that who was feeling suicidal that happened to come across this project and it just may have been the thing they needed to encourage them to reach out to someone, to open up and tell someone how they are feeling. 

I have been overwhelmed that i have indeed received emails from people who have been feeling suicidal with no connection to this particular bridge but have come across it when looking on the internet in connection to suicide and have reached out. That is something amazing before the notes to the bridge have even been attached and that's why I believe mental health awareness is so important. 

Suicide and mental health suffering often exists in silence and the only way to eliminate that is by awareness, reaching out, talking about it, and making it something that doesn't just exist within stigma and discrimination. 

This week has been amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time. Putting together the project for this bridge and having so much support and like minded people come together to do something so worthwhile has been incredible. Having the personal support from the Redditch councillor and also local media has really meant a alot and has meant that a few people have reached out that may have otherwise suffered in silence. Having people sharing personal stories with connection to this bridge themselves has been heartbreaking and inspiring seeing the bravery of people to do something to help others regardless of their own personal heartbreaks. 

This week, not long after starting this project has also personally shown me the devastation of suicide. The heartbreak and how someone can be suffering without anyone even knowing about it. This has been hard at points to carry on organising this this week as in all honesty I doubted myself and I looked at what was going on around me and wondered wether this small act could really make a difference. 

The truth is however is that we never really know what will make a difference to one person feeling suicidal and what wouldn't even touch the next. It is so complex, with no real answers or solutions and so all we can do it try. Try to make a difference and try to just reach one person. that is what is important. Everyone matters and reaching one person is better than reaching no people at all. 

After this project I have plans for other projects and hope as many people join me as have come together with this one. I think it's amazing things for a group of people to do together that have been touched by mental illness, suicide or just feel passionately about helping those who are. 

Please do share this, share the group, my happy post project and just keep talking, keep reaching out. You know know who you might reach and who's life you may touch.


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