It's Mental Health Awareness Week! Let's Stop Mental Health Stigma!

It's Mental Health Awareness Week! Let's Stop Mental Health Stigma!

So, First blog post and it's Mental Health Awareness week! 

This seems like a very good place to start!

This week is a good week to highlight keeping an eye out for each other, not that this should only happen during Mental Health Awareness week, we should always be doing this but this week brings it to the fore front of people's minds that maybe haven't had their own mental health issues and so it's therefore not something they are constantly aware of. This is the reason I like this week. I like to think there are people out there who don't have mental issues that may just be a little more aware of those that do. Including Employers and members of the general public maybe just being more understanding and being more aware of the huge mental health crisis around us. Also of the fact that even though they have been lucky enough not to battle with mental health issues to date that does not mean that they wont. With 1 in 4 of people suffering mental illness no one is safe and so we all need to be aware of not only others but ourselves. 

Mental illness can strike out of the blue, an event in your life where things change, you change, you don't what what's the matter and what you are meant to do about it. This is very disturbing when you have never had a mental health issue, after all....This kind of stuff happens to other people, right?! Wrong. It can happen to any of us and if it does we need to be aware of what it is that is going on, and that it is ok to speak about it and ask for help. 

Not talking about mental health issues does not help, you hope it will go away of it's own accord like a flu or a cold but more often than not it festers and grows. Talking is important, it's important for us to be able to deal with what's going on but it's also important as the more people that talk the more a little bit chips off that stigma block. That stigma block is huge. Indeed there is less of it that in years gone by but there is such a long way to go. 

It's easy to be embarrassed by what you are experiencing. Hell, I get embarassed about parts of my mental illness....It's not exactly easy to admit things like "Did you know, that once in a manic episode I though people were rigging my house with cameras and that there was evil in my house which I tried to rectify with specific coloured sheets?!"............That makes me want to die a little inside.....BUT......I've learned i'm not the only one, things like that are actually very common during mania. If you talk about your problems you will soon learn that you are not the only one either, you are not alone in this, 

Please take care and look out for friends who may have gone quiet, who are not quite acting like themselves. Give them a call...or a whatsapp...or whatever else it may be, it doesn't matter as long as you are checking in on them.

I this week, aim to send more happy post to those struggling with mental illness.

You can go here and request post for someone struggling (including yourself!)


I also have a kickstarter campaign where I am aiming to raise the funds to be able to publish my own story!

I am incredibly passionate about this, I have had a long battle with numerous mental illnesses, hospital admissions, good, bad and terrible treatment and i have a story that I hope will raise awareness and also give others hope that while recovery may not be perfect, it's possible. 

I wanted to write an honest, no heirs and graces story that people will be able to relate to on a real level.

I would be SO grateful, genuinely, for any support no matter how small as I am nearly half way there now and so would be gutted if i don't hit the target. 

There are also creative rewards off the back of my ETSY shop, as well as free amazon ebook copies if it hits target as a thank you for helping so please check it out and please share as I am hoping I can make a difference, if only to one person.

No matter how big or small, wether you are campaigning or simply helping out a family member or friend be sure to keep mental health in your mind this week.

Happy Post It's! - Spreading a little hope as I go - Mental Health awareness

Happy Post It's! - Spreading a little hope as I go - Mental Health awareness