Simple Kindness In Mental Illness And Beyond

Simple Kindness In Mental Illness And Beyond

Today has really shown me the importance of kindness and what a difference it can make to someones day. 

I've had a bad day. I have been feeling low and my partner has lost his job meaning a huge financial struggle is on our hands. 

I  went to my chiropractic appointment which is a must for me to keep on top on my migraines. The chiropractor asked me if I was doing anything nice for the bank holiday weekend and between trying not to cry as I had felt emotional since I had stepped out of the car I laughed it off and said at the moment because of the situation I was wondering how I was going to buy milk let alone go and do something nice. He is a lovely man and we always have a good chat about things and as usual he was really understanding. 

After my appointment I went to reception to pay and she said that the Chiropractor had told her to just charge me £10 for the appointment today. 

I burst in to tears. Consequently I also made the receptionist cry as I was so upset. 

It wasn't just that I was upset about the current situation though, I was completely grateful to the kindness that was behind his gesture. I was overwhelmed and totally grateful that someone had heard what I was saying and had offered something that he didn't technically have to. 

I really needed someone to be kind to me today (though I don't tend to deal with kind very well if I am feeling low and tend to cry hence the emotional breakdown) He was the kindness that I needed. Just that little bit of hope about the world and that someone cared. 

This is why it is so important to be kind, to give, to reach out to others. 

Simple kindness towards those with mental health issues goes a long way.

It can make someone go from feeling totally alone to having hope that there are people who care and understand

This is why I send my happy post. How I felt today Is how I hope others will feel when they receive something to no cost to themselves, just someone reaching out saying "I understand" Sometimes it means so much more if it comes from someone outside of of an immediate support network as it's like someone else reaching out and giving you hope about the world. That is why I send Happy Post. 

In my local high street if I see a homeless person I always try if I can to go in to the coffee shop and get them a hot drink. Things like this are important to me to do. 

You don't need to send happy post or buy homeless tea but we can all do something that shows kindness, it doesn't need to cost money, just a simple gesture could change someone's day - You have no idea how much that little thing you do for someone could mean to them, how much it may mean at that moment when they really need someone. 

It's easy for us all to get caught up in our own worlds, me included, to get bogged down and become blinkered and focussed on what we have going on but being kind costs nothing, you may get nothing in return but the act itself is so important. 

In regards to mental health this can make such a huge difference to someone. It's so important to check in with a friend or family member, or whoever it may be that seems like they are struggling. It's important to reach out so they know you are there and they aren't alone. 

A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

See my blog post on how a more physical presence when supporting someone can also help HERE.

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