Mental Health Awareness Vlogs

Speaking out about mental health issues and raising awareness on mental illness in an aim to break mental health stigma


My vlog for Time To change

Mental Health Stigma

Coping mechanisms in mental illness

My own thoughts on how I deal with the dark times

How I manage through depressive episodes and my thoughts on coping with these times.

Musketts Way Bridge - Notes of Hope

Suicide prevention project

This is a video about a project I am organising to fill a very notorious suicide spot - Musketts Way Bridge in Redditch with notes of hope.

This project has been adapted all over for some time and more recently a wonderful group of girls have done five bridges in the UK.

I wanted to bring this idea to a more local area to me and add notes of hope to this notrious bridge.

To support or join this project please join the facebook group here : Musketts Way Bridge Notes Of Hope Project

Is Suicide really a cowards way out?

I have my own opinion on this.

You hear it all the time "suicide is a cowards way out" it's time we looked at it differently.

Suicide is the result of extreme emotional pain with seemingly no way out.

Mental Health "Recovery"

The rocky road

Anorexia treatment & Myths

Does someone with anorexia really hate food?


Discrimination WITHIN the mental health system

We all point at public stigma and discrimination but what about some of the things that go on WITHIN the mental health system itself?

Katie Houghton - Mental Health

Me, myself and the happy post project