Happy Post Cards

Spread Kindness as you go

How far can we spread a smile? 

Everyone is going through a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.

My aim is to distribute a small act of kindness in the form of "Happy Post Cards" alongside my happy post I want to offer the chance for others to join in spreading a little kindness -because the world always needs a little more of it!

Happy Post cards can be requested by anyone, with the aim of leaving them somewhere for someone to find and then pass on, hopefully creating a smile on a bad day in the process!

If you request happy post cards you will be sent three laminated cards in the hope to make them more durable, which you should leave somewhere for someone to find them or pass to someone who seems like they are going through a hard time. They will hopefully then follow the instructions on the card and again, pass on. 

It could be incredible to see how far these cards go and to hear people's stories who have found one!

I will fill this page with photo's and locations of where they have ended up and the people that have found one!

To request Happy Post Cards please send a message using the form below including your full name and address.

Alternatively you can download and print your own (if you can laminate them so they last even better!) Click the link on the left, save the file to your desktop, open, print, cut and share!

**Do not just open the file and print as they will print too small - you will need to save it first and then open and they should be slightly bigger then business card size. If you have any problems feel free to request them from me instead! **


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Please remember to share this page too and while these are free any donations are hugely appreciated and will enable me to send more happy post and happy post cards! Donations are not necessary but HUGELY appreciated. You can also make a donation of physical stamp books by contacting me.

Please note that due to funds and time I may not be able to send to all, or immediately so please be patient and I will send to as many as I can as quickly as I can.