Donate to help me send happy post to those struggling with their mental health.

To be able to Send more happy post to those struggling with mental health issues I am looking for kind donations to help cover some costs to enable me to carry on this project.

 Happy Post!

Happy Post!


All happy post and happy postcards are free of charge. I want them to remain something that is a small act of kindness with nothing expected in return as I believe this mentality really helps to lift someone struggling with their mental health. A kindness that is selfless, just purely because someone cares and wants to make a day a little happier, for this reason I do not charge for happy post or the postage costs. 

I also run this website which has a monthly cost as I wanted the happy post to be more accessible rather than just having a facebook page, I wanted a place to blog on mental health issues in aim to raise awareness and something people could relate to. I also wanted a place to build on this idea as I believe over time I can add more ideas to this project which I hope to do.

I am however very limited on funds as I cannot work myself due to my own health unfortunately which is not something I like but sadly the way it has to be currently. It has also been made doubly hard since the DWP have stopped my PIP (even though nothing has changed since they last awarded me) and I am having to appeal the decision. Consequently my funds as low and so I cannot send to as many or as quickly as I like. 

For this reason all donations are GREATLY appreciated. 

To run this project I have to cover This website, printer ink, card, cello envelopes, hardback envelopes, stamps, stickers, sticker paper (I make my own shiny happy post stickers) so it does add up and any donations will go towards these things to ensure that I can continue to send those happy posts!

You can become a monthly patreon for the project will massively would help to keep the project going each and every week with guaranteed donations coming in!

You can also make a one off donation below.

I am also massively appreciative of physical stamp book donations so if you would like to donate stamps rather than money please do contact me for my address and that would be hugely appreciated too!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this page and considering donating to the project I really appreciate it!

Donate To Help Send Happy Post